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Action Research Paper Example | Action Research Paper Sample



When you have been assigned a research paper to do, there are a few things that you need to keep into consideration.

•    Have I chosen the right topic?

•    Is the material study required intricate for me?

•    Are there reliable research sources I can trust?

•    Do I have the required skills to carry out the research?

These are the things that many students forget to consider, thus making it very challenging to write a presentable research paper. Being a student means that you are pursuing a given course, and maybe your area of specialization is educational action. This means that writing a research paper on that area is a necessity, something that comes with a given responsibility. You need to understand that when it comes to a research paper, the reader will not consider your area of study but rather the professionalism of the task you’ve done. This narrows down to seeking quality educational action research paper writing help, services that should be obtained from a reliable firm.




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quality help with action research paper writing IN it field

action research paper writing servicesAction Research can undertake different forms of templates and formats. It is always important to follow the institution guidelines accordingly. We are action research writing professionals having helped many scholars with their research papers. We have shared part of the common template in research paper writing used in the United States. Are you stuck with your action research assignment or report on action research? Worry no more as we have ready and willing professionals who shall help accordingly with any task concerning AR papers. How to write an action research is crucial to every scholar looking forward to attain higher grades in their coursework. Seeking our action research writing services is the best choice to ensure your expectations come true. Consult our experts for more insights and guidelines concerning action research paper writing. Contact us for samples; we also guarantee 100% confidentiality and 100% free from plagiarism. We have highly qualified and professional action research paper writers from a wide range of academic fields who are always willing and ready to help and they never rest at nothing less than quality action research paper for you. Hire our in-house experts and receive the best.

Sample action research sample | sample action research format (IT FIELD)

Title Page

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables

Action Research Project Overview

The non-portfolio or non-internship action research project involves actively researching a current technological problem or issue.  The problem or issue can be internal or external to a business; however, the research requires fieldwork.  This project’s duration must be at least eight weeks (four, two-week iterations of at least 40 hours of activity per iteration).

Introduction Overview

The introduction, as the minimum, is one to two pages long and should not have an APA heading.  The introduction must include:

  • A brief history/background of the business if the problem involves a business or the background support for your technological problem or issue if the problem does not involve a business
  • A discussion about the circumstances of the situation that you plan to improve or change
    • You may want to discuss, ‘what is wrong or deficient…and why you think making changes will result in improvements.  Include why the improvement is of value to you (the stakeholder)
  • Refer to the assignment on Blackboard for additional assignment criteria


The methodology section of the paper, as a minimum, is two to three pages long.  Essentially, this section is a mini-research paper defining and explaining the Action Research (AR) Methodology including its application to technology research.

The methodology paper must include:

  • Five (5) professional (subject matter experts) or scholarly references
  • A discussion about the history of AR and application/uses along with its applicability to researching technology issues
  • A transitional paragraph at the end of the section describing how AR is an appropriate methodology for the research you are doing
  • Refer to the assignment on Blackboard for additional assignment criteria

Literature Review

A literature review is a research paper about your topic. This section, as the minimum, is three to four pages long using a themed (topic sections) presentation approach with as much detail as possible.  Depending on your topic, specific examples or literary support may be difficult to find.  You may need to use a surrogate (somewhat related) topic in order to complete the literature review.  For example, improving the ‘needs assessment’ process in organization XYZ may not yield research results, so you will need to generalize the topic.  Generalizing the topic could may require examining research on the value of need assessments, the processes associated with needs assessment, or how to a conduct needs assessment.

The literature review section/paper must include:

  • At least eight (8) professional (subject matter expert) and/or scholarly references
  • Refer to the assignment on Blackboard for additional assignment criteria


The proposal section contains a high-level overview of your project as laid out in a minimum of four iterations.  Each iteration should represent approximately two weeks, with a minimum of 40 hours of activity in each iteration. Do not try to layout your full plan at this point, keep this to one or two paragraphs for each iteration description.  At this point, you should focus on the big picture. Hypothetical situation…Let’s say your proposal deals with improving the ‘needs assessment’ process in organization XYZ.  You know the process is weak and requires improvement, but do not know what the weak points are or how to correct them.  You assume you will need the following iterations:

  1. Iteration 1

  2. Iteration 2

  3. Iteration 3

  4. Iteration 4


Reflective Statement



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