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Potato Osmosis Lab Report | Osmosis in Potato Cells Lab Report


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Aim- (what effect will distilled water and salt water have on the mass of potato cylinders ) Background information - (Definition of osmosis, mention facts , cell membrane,) -Hypothesis -Variables (independent , dependent) - listing materials or method -observations , including pictures , provide the results table to help with observations. - Results table - Calculations ( to follow data , how the percentage change was worked out... any calculations ) - Analysis, ( define osmosis and identify the semipermeable membrane in the experiment, account for changes - in the mass and length of the cylinders in water, salt solution and air. why did they change size , weight. refers to background information. ) right about where the line crosses the x axis, what does this mean? - Conclusion- summaries these points, from the results table... from the graph , refer to the hypothesis, prediction right or wrong. Evaluation- did the experiment go well, if you were to do this again, what will you change/ modify, suggest further test/ (longer time in the solutions ) experiment you would like to investigate in the future on the topic, (use blackcurrant ?) - All information should be referenced accordingly, if sources from the internet, include their web address within the list of references.


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Sample potato osmosis lab report

To receive the best grade in potato cells lab report,we recommend the below format which we have clearly explained it for you in a simple manner. Kindly consult our experts for more detailed report per your instructions and academic level.

Introduction - Osmosis is the process by which water molecules move from a region of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration through a semi permeable cell membrane until the concentration of water molecules in and out of the cell is at equilibrium. In the experiment we shall use; 10% sucrose solution, 25% sucrose solution, distilled water, a potato and test tubes.

Aim - This experiment aims to show the movement of water molecules in and out of the potato cells when potato strips are immersed in differently concentrated solutions through osmosis.

Procedure/method - The potato is pilled and cut into three strips. The test tubes are then labeled accordingly, i.e., one containing 10% sucrose solution, 25% sucrose solution and the one containing distilled water. Each of the three potato strips is then immersed into the labeled test tubes. The setup is then left undisturbed for three hours and observations are made.

Observations - The potato strips that were immersed into the 10% and 25% sucrose solutions appeared to have wilted while the strip immersed into the distilled water seemed to be more rigid.

Evaluation and conclusion - The 10% and 25% sucrose solutions are hypertonic solutions. They have low water molecule concentration, and thus they have low osmotic pressure. Water molecules moved from the potato cells into the sucrose solution making them shrink.  Distilled water is hypotonic. It contains a high concentration of water molecules, and due to its high osmotic pressure, water molecules diffused into the potato cells from the distilled water thus an increase in the turgidity of the potato strip. This outcome can be explained through the process of osmosis whereby plant cells take up water from the soil. This can also be explained through the process of transpiration whereby due to the existence of a concentration gradient, i.e., high concentration of water molecules inside the plant cell and the low concentration of water molecules in the air, water molecules diffuse out of the plant cells into the atmosphere.

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